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What are the Benefits of a Rose Quartz Facial Roller?

Facial rollers made out of stone, such as rose quartz or a jade stone, are very popular these days. They are beautiful devices, and they feel nice when you roll them over your skin. But are they effective for skincare?

There’s a lot of anecdotal evidence from users about the numerous benefits of these rollers, but not many direct scientific studies to support these claims.

So what are the benefits of a rose quartz facial roller?

  • Facial massage to relax muscles and reduce tension
  • Better blood circulation and lymphatic drainage to remove toxins
  • Reduction in the appearance of under-eye circles
  • Reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Some of you might be skeptical of the use of an embedded stone on a roller for skincare. This post is created to help you understand the benefits of the rose quartz roller and how it can help your skin.

What is a Rose Quartz Facial Roller?

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A rose quartz face roller is a skincare device that looks a bit like a roller paintbrush. It includes two rose quartz cylindrical rollers of different sizes. Like its cousin, the jade stone, the rose quartz stone was thought in ancient cultures to have medicinal properties that could heal and soothe your skin.

 Rose quartz was a precious stone in the ancient cultures of the Roman Empire and China. Many believed in those times that the stone had healing qualities and helped remove toxic energy from your body and your soul.

Rollers made out of rose quartz or jade stone are similar in their properties. However, rose quartz has a harder texture than the softer jade stone, which is believed to be beneficial for deeper relaxation of your facial muscles and giving your face and neck a deep massage.

Benefits of Rose Quartz Roller for the Skin

Let’s talk about the benefits of using a rose quartz roller. Facial massage is a well-established treatment that is highly beneficial for the skin. Using a rose quartz or jade roller, you can do the facial massage to yourself at the comfort of your home and save a lot of time and money in the process when comparing to an in-office facial massage by a professional.

Benefits of face massage with a rose quartz roller:

  • Increased blood circulation. As shown in this article, a 5-minute massage with a facial roller significantly increases blood circulation in the face. This is beneficial for the skin since all vital functions of the skin (as well as any other organ) depend on blood circulation.
  • Increased lymphatic drainage. Any massage stimulates lymphatic drainage, which removes excess liquid and toxins from the tissues. Limited research has been done in the area of facial lymphatic drainage. Still, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence that facial massage depuffs the face and reduces under-eye circles.
  • Relaxation of facial muscles. This reduces tension in facial muscles and may reduce wrinkles caused by skin folds due to tensed facial muscles.
  • Improves mood. As shown in this article, facial massage reduces anxiety in women.
  • Cooling effect on the skin. This happens when your store the roller in a fridge. Facial massage with a cold roller leads to tightening of pores and quick depuffing.
  • Spreading of skincare products. Typically, you apply a moisturizer, serum, or oil before massaging with the facial roller. It is believed that massaging helps the skincare product penetrate deeper.

Apart from this, a rose quartz roller also helps give an excellent finish to your makeup and is great for priming your face before applying heavy makeup. Simply dab on some of your primer onto your skin and gently massage it in with your rose quartz roller!

How to Use a Rose Quartz Roller

These rollers can be used to gently massage your neck and your face, especially areas like the brow, the cheeks, and the under-eyes.

Due to their fame, various rollers are available in the market due to customer demand. Brands are diverging from the conventional smooth precious stone rollers to producing specialty rollers such as studded rollers. Some rollers have a vibration function, which helps in soothing and cooling the skin quickly.

These tips are recommended to get the best results out of the facial roller:  

  • Cleanse your face to get rid of sweat and dirt.
  • Apply a layer of moisturizer or a lotion on your face. It will help the roller to move quickly over the face. Moving a roller against dry skin may pull your skin, causing wrinkles. 
  • When using a roller, start from the neck and move towards the jawline. This accomplishes the best outcomes.
  • Continue to move from your face to your ear tenderly.
  • Roll upwards from the jaw to the cheekbone.
  • Continue to your brow bone, moving across your forehead to your temples.
  • You can roll it around the eyebrow lines as well.

Since face rollers are non-obtrusive, you can use them every day without any side effects. Some skin experts may prescribe everyday face rolling to keep your skin looking fresh and energetic. To notice changes, use it for at least 6 minutes every day. In half a month, you will see the difference in your face.

When you start using the face roller, you’ll be astonished by how incredible your skin looks. You may even get compliments on how amazing your skin looks. If you share your secret, your friends can experience the magic of precious stone rollers like rose quartz rollers and jade rollers too!

Watch a Video on How to Use a Rose Quartz Roller

Are Rose Quartz Rollers Safe to Use?

Rose Quartz rollers are usually very safe and have no side effects. To guarantee that you have the best experience when utilizing the facial rollers, keep these tips in mind:

  • Ensure that you get your facial rollers from trustworthy sources.
  • Don’t try to use the roller constantly. Usually, 5-6 minutes a day is more than enough.
  • Keep your face clean when rolling.
  • Always use lotion or some form of moisture on your face before using your facial roller.

How to Clean a Rose Quartz Roller

Cleaning the rose quartz roller is quite simple, and you should do it after each treatment. The most important thing to remember is not to expose it to hot water as the roller stone may crack. Here is a simple procedure to follow:

  • Apply a bit of hand soap on the roller and rinse it off under warm running water.
  • Place the roller on a clean cloth to dry or wipe it off with a cloth until totally dry.
  • Place in a storage container until next use.

The Bottom Line

There are many benefits to using a rose quartz roller, and it’s easy to incorporate it into any skincare routine. There are numerous kinds of facial rollers to consider, and many of them can be beneficial. Simply ensure that your stones are not artificial and that you clean your roller regularly.

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