What is Dermaplaning: A Guide to Dermaplaning for Skincare at Home

With the evolution of the beauty and skincare industry, a myriad of innovative procedures and products are introduced into the market every other day. Dermaplaning is among one of the latest trends that seem to have become the buzz in the beauty and skincare world. If you are guilty of scrolling through your social media feed for the recent beauty and skincare trends, you might already be familiar with what dermaplaning is and how it works. But if you’re new to the land of dermaplaning and asking yourself why the procedure has become the hottest topic among skincare enthusiasts and specialists, we’ve got you covered. Below is a comprehensive guide to dermaplaning, so keep on reading!

What is Dermaplaning for Skincare? Dermaplaning is a simple yet effective cosmetic treatment that involves using a specialized sharp tool or a 10 gauge surgical scalpel. It’s basically an exfoliating method, also called a scalpel facial, aimed at scrapping off dead skin cell buildup, debris, and peach fuzz or vellus hair.

The procedure is generally carried out in a professional setting by a dermatologist or a certified technician. However, it can also be performed at home. If you’re looking for a quick skincare treatment to achieve smooth skin free of peach fuzz without having to worry about downtime or side effects, dermaplaning is your best bet.

How is Dermaplaning Performed?

Dermaplaning Exfoliating the skin with a scalpel

The procedure starts with you lying down on a comfortable chair in a clean room. A local anesthetic spray or cream may also be provided by your aesthetician or dermatologist if needed, although the treatment is pain-free and only causes a tingling sensation, so no anesthetic is required.

Your technician or skin specialist will then use a sterile blade in light and short upward strokes to gently remove the top, dead layer of the skin and peach fuzz, holding the tool at a 45-degree angle. The procedure may look similar to shaving, but it’s a lot more effective because of the specific blade used for dermaplaning tight and close to the outer surface of the skin. Dermaplaning can be done on the forehead, cheeks, chin, and neck. A single session can scrape off around 2-3 weeks of dead skin buildup and impurities from the skin. The procedure takes 20 to 30 minutes, in general.

After the procedure, a soothing topical product or Aloe Vera gel is slathered onto the newly exfoliated skin. Finally, sunscreen is applied to protect the skin from sun damage.

Can You Dermaplane at Home?

At-home dermaplaning is becoming quite popular due to the ease of use and affordability of the tool. So, if you’re thinking about trying dermaplaning on yourself at home, you can buy a DIY tool for this purpose and follow proper guidelines to scrape off dead skin and peach fuzz from the epidermis. A small single-blade tool (like the ones by Tinkle) is better for at-home dermaplaning.

However, an at-home treatment may not yield the same results as achieved after a professional-grade dermaplaning procedure. Also, there are some potential risks, such as getting an infection, inflammation, or injury, attached to the procedure when you carry it out yourself. Therefore, you’ll have to be more cautious to ensure your safety as well as the effectiveness of the treatment. Follow these steps for a smooth process:

  • Use a cleanser that suits your skin to remove impurities from the skin and pat dry the skin.
  • Now take your dermaplaning blade in one hand and hold it against your jawline. Use your other hand to hold the skin taut and use gentle feathering strokes along the grain, keeping the blade parallel to the surface of the skin. For stubborn fuzz on upper lips, chin, and other areas, move the blade against the grain.
  • Continue until you cover your desired areas and move to the next area.
  • Don’t use the blade on the areas already treated or over acne breakouts to avoid irritation or skin damage.
  • Apply aloe vera gel or your regular moisturized after you’re done.
  • The treatment can be repeated after 3 or 4 days, depending on your hair growth.

Benefits of Dermaplaning

If you’re confused about whether to go for dermaplaning or not with all the rumors and myths related to the procedure, let’s help you explore the reasons you need to give it a try. Here are some of the key benefits of dermaplaning that might help you understand how it can help you with your skin concerns:

  • Removes Peach Fuzz

Dermaplaning or a scalpel facial is similar to shaving the face in the manner it helps to get rid of facial hair. Only, it’s much more effective, thanks to the medical-grade blade used for the treatment. The blade is a lot sharper as compared to the mainstream blades used for shaving facial hair. Also, getting it done from a certified aesthetician makes the experience better and produces more desirable results in removing even the finest hair on the face. You’ll be surprised how clearer and smoother your skin will look after removing almost invisible-looking peach fuzz.

  • Sloughs Away Dead Skin

Another reason behind all the rage about dermaplaning is its ability to slough off the buildup of dead cells on the outer surface of the skin that not makes your complexion appear dull and uneven but also paves the way to other skin woes, especially blackheads and acne breakouts. So, when you dermaplane your face, you’re not only removing unwanted vellus hair but also reducing the probability of various skin problems. The technique is chemical-free, non-irritating, and non-abrasive, unlike most other exfoliating methods, making it ideal even for sensitive and dry skin.

  • Enhances Skin Tone and Texture

As we know that our skin comes in contact with various harsh factors on a daily basis that can damage the skin cells and make the skin appear dull, uneven, and unattractive. The dragging of the blade across the skin helps to remove the damaged and dead cells that give the skin a patchy and rough appearance. As a result, the older cells get replaced with newer, healthier cells. The treatment yields a fresher, smoother, and radiant complexion.

  • Skincare Products Work Better

Since dermaplaning eliminates all sorts of debris, including dead skin, fine hair, grime, and dirt, from the pores, it prepares your skin for better absorption of skincare products applied afterward. Your skincare products will seep deeper and quicker into the skin, enhancing the potency of nutrients present in them. This is why it’s recommended to apply your topical treatments and serums after the procedure to reap more benefits from them.

  • Painless and Gentle Treatment

Most of the hair removal treatments, like waxing, threading, and laser, come with pain, discomfort, pulling, and redness. With dermaplaning, you don’t have to stress about dealing with unnecessary pain and frustration. Similarly, commonly performed exfoliating procedures at clinics and spas involve the use of harsh or abrasive substances that can be irritating for many, especially those with inflamed or sensitive skin. Dermaplaning, on the other hand, is a completely pain-free, harmless, and gentle procedure that can be quite relaxing and refreshing when done properly.

  • Reduces the Signs of Aging

As discussed earlier, dermaplaning facilitates the process of renewing and replacing damaged and dead skin cells, it encourages the synthesis of healthier cells. The new cells provide a rejuvenating effect, helping to reduce dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and rough spots on the skin. Consequently, your skin feels and looks plumper, brighter, and younger. Dermaplaning the skin regularly may assist in delaying and reducing the early signs of aging and help you to enjoy a youthful complexion in the long run.

  • No Downtime

If you’ve experienced getting in-office hair removal or exfoliating treatments, you might be familiar with redness, irritation, and pain after the procedure. Your skin specialist might advise you to avoid sun exposure or carry out some at-home maintenance for a few hours to days. Luckily, dermaplaning is an easy and quick procedure that entails virtually no downtime. The session won’t take more than an hour and you’ll be able to resume your routine chores right after the treatment.

  • Makeup Goes on Easily

Yes, you read it right. Dermaplaning makes it surprisingly easy to apply makeup after the procedure as the treatment removes peach fuzz and dry, dead layer of the skin, allowing your makeup products to glide on smoothly. So, if you want a flawless application of makeup throughout the day, dermaplane your face in the morning as a part of your skincare regimen to get soft and smooth skin.

Downsides of Dermaplaning

Like every other skin procedure, dermaplaning also comes with some cons that you need to consider before making a final decision to go for the treatment. Below are some of the downsides that should be kept in mind:

  • The treatment is a bit more costly than other hair removal techniques offered at spas and clinics.
  • Since the dermaplaning blade or tool doesn’t pluck the hair from the roots, the hair may grow faster as compared to other hair removal methods.
  • The results of the dermaplaning depend on your hair growth cycle and thus may vary from person to person.
  • People with active and cystic acne are not suitable candidates for this treatment as it may cause inflammation and lead to more acne breakouts and aggravation.
  • The procedure is not recommended for women struggling with abnormally excessive hair growth (also known as hirsutism).

The Bottom Line

There is plenty of great reasons to replace your regular hair removal and exfoliating methods with dermaplaning, most importantly, because the procedure is safe, effective, painless, and chemical-free. Moreover, the results are immediate and there is no recovery period associated with the procedure. However, if you suffer from hirsutism, cystic acne, or have inflamed skin, the procedure may make your condition worse. It’s highly recommended to consult with your provider before having a dermaplaning procedure to avoid allergic reactions or skin damage.

We hope the information shared in this article will prove helpful to you in making a better decision and choose what works the best for your individual skin.



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